We have one ATM Trailer and several stand alone ATMs that we can deploy at your event or permanently place at your business. ATM technicians will make scheduled checks to monitor and to ensure that each and every ATM is operational and stocked with cash at all times.  We also have access remotely to keep an eye on cash levels and any potential hardware or softwareissues.

Our goal is to help you make some extra money and provide easy access to cash for your patrons.All ATMs come fully equipped with lit signage, state of the art security features, and wireless communications to ensure maintenance-free service at your event or business, 24 hours a day. These methodologies ensure your visitors will be able to enjoy an uninterrupted, first-class ATM service.  All that we require from you is power and space. 


Our Mobile ATM Trailer features a bright and eye catching design for quick and easy identification even in the busiest of events.

The Mobile ATM Trailer requires an uninterrupted 110V power supply and a 10x10 foot space in a high traffic location. Positioning the ATM near vendors and where guests spend money will generate the highest usage.

Our stand alone machines can be placed inside or outside and require 110V power supply. We also have signs and banner flags to ensure everyone at the event knows where to find the ATM.


Our permanent placement machine deals can vary depending on the needs of the client.

Standard Options:

  1. Money Bags ATM owns the machine, fills it with cash and depending on the volume of sales the store owner may get a small percentage.
  2. Money Bags ATM can sell the business owner an ATM and look after servicing. The business owner fills the machine and retains the majority of the service fee.
  3. The business owner and Money Bags ATM co-own the ATM and manage the cash together and split the service fee.

We are willing to work with any business to come up with a suitable solution that works for everyone.